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My best friend asked if I would be one of the people she interviews for a new class she’s putting together around cultivating your sacred voice. I agreed immediately knowing the importance of using our voice to reveal our true self and support others when needed.

And of course, there’s always – how could I refuse my best friend!

The question 

One of the questions asked that prompted this newsletter was: “On a scale of 1–10, with a 10 being absolutely guided/inspired by your Higher Self, to what degree would you say your voice is inspired?”

My first answer was “10!” And then I thought to myself, “Wait, that’s how I’m feeling now because of a call I had with my wonderful client a half hour ago! But a 10 isn’t how my voice shows up ALL the time!”

So I changed my answer and said, “It runs the gamut from a 10 all the way down to a 1.” And then I said, “Well, maybe not a 1 but a 5.”

That felt more true.

Fear and the moving parts

This question got me wondering what situations bring me to a 5? The answer came down to one word – fear. Inside that one word I discovered there were many different moving parts.

Fear of losing something/someone. Fear of not being understood. Fear of being dismissed. Fear of hurting someone’s feelings. Fear of being the odd person out. Fear of being criticized. Fear of sounding stupid.

I know this list has more legs to it but that’s what showed up quickly when I investigated my feelings during those lower number experiences.

As I dove into these fears, I was able to see specific situations attached to each one. I then realized what a disservice I was doing not just to myself but to others. Others because I wasn’t allowing them to hear the me that was speaking inside in the moment. My heart. My truth. My sacred voice, as my bestie calls it. And those very fears were setting me up to keep staying small in every situation. Ultimately giving my power away. And I’m never okay with that, in the end.

The investigation 

I’m not saying we need to be operating from a 10 on a regular basis. We’re human. So I’m not even sure that’s possible given the myriad of interpersonal dynamics life throws at us. I am, however, encouraging an investigation when the number gets down to a 5 or lower.

Those lower numbers, especially, can be an invitation to see which fear is making it harder for your sacred voice to come through. It’s the realization of what’s attached to the fear that gives you an opportunity to work through it and then use your sacred voice the next time the same or similar situation arises. Or, if you’re feeling really courageous, to go back and say, “I didn’t express what I really wanted to say before and would like to do that now.”

And yes, there are absolutely times when the most sacred thing you can do in a situation is to say nothing. But you’ll have a different experience when it feels more sacred to say nothing – inner peace, not fear, will be connected to your silence.

May you use your voice for growth and the highest good for all concerned.

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