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I don’t write much about the hand analysis work I do with people but after a recent session with someone I decided to do so today.

During our time together she started to cry. Not a sad, distraught cry, but a cry that indicated a relief taking place inside of her.

Through her tears she said, “It’s hard to put into words because of the depths of what I’m feeling, but for the first time in a very long time I feel like I can give myself permission to just be me and do me, with love leading the way.”

“Just be me and do me, with love leading the way.”

Wow! How beautiful is that! God knows we need a whole lot more of that these days!

The more hands I have the privilege of reading, the stronger my compassion for human beings grow.


Because the hands allow me to understand people at such a deeper level. The sacred art and science of hand analysis proves to me over and over again that we are all truly doing the very best we know how, moment to moment, day by day.

One sentence I hear more than any other after a session with someone is, “I feel so witnessed.”

I want that for everyone!

The hands reflection

The patterns on the hands and fingerprints does not involve any guess work or psychic skills from me. What I see and interpret is a result of years of study and practice. It’s teachable, repeatable and demonstrable.

The hands allow me to reflect back to you many things.

Certain overall personality traits. The challenges you are experiencing. The way you want to love and be loved. The innate gifts you have to offer. Your thinking process. How you are most comfortable expressing yourself. Your life lessons. Your life purpose.

The list goes on and on.

And even though it may be information someone is hearing for the first time, deep down it all makes sense to them. Their soul has been reached through words that they may have difficulty expressing to others – and even to themselves. Because the feelings sit so deep within, it’s not unusual to be at a loss for those words.

Feeling witnessed

It’s not uncommon for someone to feel scared to say what sits in the seat of their soul for fear it won’t make sense to another only to be brushed over with a stroke of a benign response rather than being more fully acknowledged.

This changes when the words about them are being spoken with love from another that was difficult for the person to express themselves.

That’s when feeling witnessed happens.

No matter who the words are coming from – hand analyst, friend, family member, therapist – it garners the same result…..feeling witnessed.

A truth bell

In that moment a truth bell has been rung and there’s no turning back.

Even if there’s no action taken once a truth has been unveiled it doesn’t minimize it. That truth will always be there. Patiently waiting to support the person and move them forward when they’re ready, and not a moment before.

It’s fine.

In fact, it’s perfect.

Because that’s just the way of it.

We all have specific dilemmas that live in us – the hands reveal them. And our dilemmas can stop us dead in our tracks. Because of this we need to be loving and gentle with ourselves as we learn how to navigate our way through them.

We can’t force ourselves to do things we aren’t truly ready to do in our heart and soul. There’s something in us that knows when the time is right to walk in the direction our truth is leading us toward.

And as we do so, we honor that truth – to be ourselves and do ourselves, with love leading the way.

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