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As I sit here at my computer beginning the process of writing this newsletter, I find myself uncertain as to what I want to say exactly.

I’m guessing it’s because we are living in such uncertain times right now.

I’m guessing it’s because I want to say something uplifting without diminishing anything you may be struggling with.

I’m guessing it’s because I want to say something compassionate. Without sounding arrogant and assuming that I actually know what you’re feeling and going through without hearing it from you, first hand.

I’m guessing it’s because I want to say something profound, giving you a chance to breathe more deeply without having the words fall flat.

So I wait

I wait to see what wants comes through as I type these words. Something I’ve never done before. Usually, it’s planned out in my mind. Jotting down notes along the way, until I’m fully prepared to sit down and write the newsletter. One that is easily put together and ready to hit the send button with a pretty little virtual bow around it.

20 minutes ago – yes, it’s taken me 20 minutes to get this far – I decided to be done with waiting until I knew exactly what to write.

I’m done waiting because if I continue with my usual process I may never connect with you until this crisis is over and that feels worse.

And now I wait – again – for something.


There’s a kink in the hose

These words have come to me within a few minutes and I understand.

I was out in the garden yesterday uncoiling my hose to water some plants. I turned on the faucet and pressed the spray handle. No water. I looked at the hose and saw a kink in it. Fixing the kink, the water flowed easily.

Waiting again.

Got it.

Right now, this virus feels like the kink in a world that needs uncoiling. Although the virus kink is waaaay bigger than a little hose kink. It’s still a kink.

Stopping the flow of our everyday movements. Stopping the flow of connecting with family, friends, co-workers in ways that feels best to us. Stopping the flow of businesses, hospitals, travel, events. Stopping the flow of seeing someone you haven’t seen for a long time while in the grocery store and hitting a brick wall 6 feet away desperately wanting to breakthrough and greet them with a hug.

This happened to me last week. It brought tears to my eyes because I adore this woman. Our adult sons went to high school together. I truly felt like a force was holding me back from the love. We stared at each other with gentle smiles, knowing all too well what we both wanted in that moment. Instead, we went for the virtual hug and blew our kisses. “I’ll call you,” I said.  Later that day we were on the phone catching up.

What do I want to say now

Waiting. It’ll come.

Guessing the kink idea will continue on.

It’s here.

While this virus enforces its kink upon us, it’s very clear there’s a flow that it cannot stop.


And that is the flow of the human spirit. The flow of the human heart. The ability of humans to find other ways to let their love flow with a strength and roar like Niagara Falls…….

Doctors coming out of retirement to help with the overload. All healthcare workers with their unwavering compassion and heart. People applauding those First Responders every evening from the balcony of their homes. A country taking on another country’s patients because of the capacity overload.

People organizing ways to donate food, money, physical care, grocery shop for those who can’t. Drive by birthday celebrations, people singing from their apartments with each other. Neighborhood women doing Zumba classes in their individual backyards as the music blares from the speakers. Even zoom marriages are happening, as family and friends attend from the comfort of their homes.

The list goes on and on and it grows daily. I trust so much in the heart and soul of people. It is breathtaking to see what people are capable of during times of crisis.

If there’s ever a time we need each other it’s right now. We’ve all got our strengths and shortcomings. Using our strengths to help with other’s shortcomings is what we do best when we open our hearts, put all differences aside and simply let the love flow.

No virus can stop that!

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