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Relationship Coaching

Have some of your relationships become:

  • Unfulfilling
  • Stressful
  • Draining
  • Empty or Disheartening?
“I’ve learned to care for myself so I can bring the best part of me to our relationship.”

Healthy relationships are uplifting, empowering, invigorating and fulfilling. Every relationship shifts with time, and it is normal to find that relationships that were once positive and energizing have somehow become stressful and unfulfilling. It is normal to wonder “What went wrong?”

These relationships can be with anyone, whether they be family or friends, professional or romantic. Some of these relationships may appear great to others, while we are dying inside.

As a Relationship Coach, I’d like you to know that your relationships can be improved. It is possible to transform relationships so they support you in every facet of your life — starting with your relationship with yourself. Healthy relationships allow you to thrive in life and enjoy your associations with others.

How does relationship coaching work?

We start with a free “Getting to know you” phone call where we discuss your current circumstances and relationship goals.

Next is your 1-hour Hand Analysis and Life Map Session. This gives you valuable insights into your strengths, life lessons, and how you operate best within relationships.
Learn more about Hand Analysis and your Life Map »

Ongoing mentoring sessions keep you on track with:

  • Weekly 1-hour phone calls where we discuss progress, goals, answer relationship questions and focus on whatever issue needs the most attention
  • Up to two 15-minute “emergency sessions” for unforeseen circumstances that may arise
  • Email support when quick advice or answers to little questions are needed

How to get started?

Schedule a Free 30-min
“Getting to know you” call

Enter your information below. I’ll contact you to schedule your free introductory discovery session.

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Get your Hand Analysis &
Life Map

Ready to jump right in? Order your Hand Analysis for $125. Your kit and instructions for getting started will arrive shortly.

Start Your Journey to Inner Peace

I’m looking forward to working with you through your one-on-one mentoring sessions to help you experience peace in all your relationships and open up more opportunities to finally say “yes to yourself.”

In Peace,


P.S. – Some of my clients have been kind enough to send in testimonials about their experience and results with their one-on-one mentoring sessions. I invite you to take a look for yourself!

“Thank you for your coaching and hand analysis! You wouldn’t believe how my life is at this moment. Just 4-5 months later! I accomplished my soul’s purpose, released all bad feelings for the people I thought wronged me and as a result, out of the blue, family members contacted me bringing new and loving relationships into my life. And last, but not least, I have met the man of my dreams and we love each other deeply.
Thank you!”

– Amy

“As someone who has gone through some therapy in the past, Linda’s coaching, to me, is one of true integrity! She is a… Here are the tools, now go use them EVERYDAY! Because, with Linda, it is all about YOUR responsibility in the relationships with yourself, and everyone else in your life! PERIOD!

With Linda’s coaching, I’ve learned to look within myself with clear and honest eyes. And, most importantly, to ask myself hard hitting questions! Through my hand analysis I get myself like never before. Linda’s coaching is: CLEAR, HONEST, UNCOMPLICATED, THOUGHT PROVOKING, SOUL NOURISHING, and EMPOWERING!”

– Marie Painter

“One of the greatest gifts to have come into my life is Linda Salazar. With her gentle nature, wonderful insights and positive energy, to name a few…she truly is making a difference! Each session I become more aware of the value of the philosophy Linda’s work is about. I am now experiencing a sense of personal empowerment and well-being. There is so much value to be gained with Linda… she is definitely worth her weight in GOLD!!”

– Diana Rodgers

“I’ve learned from Linda that love breeds love, forgiveness and understanding are needed even in the most difficult situations. I’m still with my husband – when I felt so angry I wanted to leave him. Linda helped me realize that anger isn’t always the best emotion from which to make decisions. I‘ve learned to care for myself so I can bring the best part of me to our relationship. I believe I have a broader perspective from which to evaluate relationship decisions now, too.”

– Margaret Blisson