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Awaken Book Testimonials

Awaken The Genie Within
A Handbook to Silence Your Gremlin,
Manage Your Emotions
and Bring Out the Best of Who You Are.

“Linda Salazar’s Awaken The Genie Within is filled with practical tools for gaining an empowered focus of awareness and urging of inspired action – the real essentials for creating lasting success. I highly recommend this mighty book that guides significant change in every area of life.”

~ Marsh Engle

“This is a wonderful book of stories that will help you listen to the Genie within you and ignore that old Gremlin that has been keeping you down. Life is wonderful and Linda knows how to help you make it so!”

Chellie Campbell
author The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire.

“This is THE handbook of life. One to have on your coffee table for every time you need that gentle reminder on how we fit in the scheme of life. The stories are insightful, funny, and full of lessons without preaching.”

~ Marie-Flore Beaubien

“I have been very fortunate to have received the wisdom of Linda Salazar in the past. Each time I listened to her counsel I have benefited ten fold. While I sat reading the stories so simple, yet so profound, I felt like we were just sitting a cross from one another. Every other page in the book has been dog-eared because I feel that I will want to go back and get another dose of the wisdom that jumps off the page. It has reminded me that following the higher road in life does just that makes you Higher. Thank you for this gift!”

~ Lilly LaBonge

“Awaken The Genie Within is a fabulous way to show your loved-ones, friends and even co-workers you want the best for them in the most sincere and loving way. We all want or long for answers to “situations” life brings our way, this “wisdom” book holds the keys or tools to move forward and truly does awaken us to the “best” life can offer! My deepest gratitude to Linda.”

~ Diana Rodgers

“Linda Salazar’s new book is filled with true to life experiences that remind the reader that everyday miracles are set to a backdrop of simplicity. The reader is gently reminded to look for that simplicity in their own day.”

~ Mary Wheatley

“This book teaches us all, life 101 with a poignant lesson in every story. Authentically written from the heart with an abundance of common sense relative to all ages.”

~ Dr. Marcia Craig Smith
Clinical Psychologist

“Linda’s book is such an easy and enjoyable read full of deep inspiration and wisdom that holds the keys to guide you toward profound changes in your life. Her writing moves you beyond fear and into courage to take you to the next level of your life.”

~ Cindy Cashman

“Read Linda’s book. Read it daily. Read it repeatedly. Practice the principles outlined in it and say goodbye forever to the emotional roller coaster you’ve been riding for so long. You will enjoy deeper peace and greater joy.

~ Cathy Thorsen

“Linda Salazar is a wonderful and gifted woman I have had the privilege to work with. Her book Awaken The Genie Within will help you find your inner truth and live by that wisdom.”

~ Susan Gregg
author of Dance of Power & The Toltec Way

“What a beautifully written ‘Wisdom Journal,’ lovingly guiding the reader through a journey to their own self-honesty, greater awakening and authenticity. Linda’s real-life short stories are relevant, which bring clarity in the learning. She offers refreshing viewpoints into our daily life lessons and the deeper significance of our lives.”

~ Sheryl Roush
author of “Heart of a Woman”

“A wonderful gem to have on hand – chock full of insightful reminders and uplifting stories.”

~ Tara-jenelle Walsh
Soulebrate Greeting Cards

“I came to a seminar taught by Linda almost by a fluke and was convinced by her Genies and Gremlins, but was really hooked by her audio program and then so pleased when the book came out, because it puts all those great messages at your fingertips. I love having it bedside, so that I read a chapter or two before I sleep and I am assured sweet, productive dreams! Linda’s methods and messages are positive, uplifting and help you create and become the best you.”

~ Peter Gurski

“Linda Salazar’s book, Awaken the Genie Within, is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone who has the good fortune to read it. Invaluable insight can be gotten by reading the book cover to cover, but random reading of the short pieces contained within can also offer nuggets of gentle direction that can shift an attitude or understanding for that moment, that day, or life. The lessons to be learned are universal. They are for everyone’s life.”

~ Gail McMullen

“Linda’s ability to recognize the human side of her spirit is breathtaking and genuine. As I read her words, her stories resonated in my own heart and gave context to this experience we call life.”

~ Tara Paterson