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Awaken The Genie Within

A Handbook to Silence Your Gremlin,
Manage Your Emotions
and Bring Out the Best of Who You Are

By Linda Salazar
awaken the genie within

Are you really in control of your decisions, emotions, and behavior?

Perhaps the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, our family, employees or our friends is the ability to wake up to our personal truth, and live by that truth as much as possible.

If you’ve been feeling disconnected from who you are, cut off from the best your life has to offer, it’s time to identify the culprit. Your Gremlin – that pesky negative voice that keeps saying you can’t have it all – is working overtime to keep you off balance, stressed out, and fearful. The solution? It’s time to free your genie!

How a health and wellness business benefited from this book:

“Staffed with more than 40 employees, our business requires an environment of constant positive, calm, flowing energy – which is difficult with staff bringing their own personal distractions and troubles. I gave each employee a copy of the book, Awaken The Genie Within… and I’ve now observed many valuable behavioral changes, including:

  • Less bickering and blaming, with increased willingness to take responsibility for personal behavior
  • Misunderstandings resolved more quickly and without the need for my intervention

And improved business results:

  • Overall fewer transactional errors and greater peace of mind for me
  • Less absenteeism and unmanned hours, along with higher employee productivity
  • Improved client retention from more effective handling of difficult customer service issues
  • Higher and more consistent new member sales rates
  • Enjoying a more tranquil, professional environment leading to increased appointment frequency”

As an inventor and entrepreneur, I have struggled many times to maintain positive energy and persevere in the face of challenges…wishing for something to come along and pull me out of my doldrums. I don’t readily reach for self-help materials…until I was introduced to Awaken The Genie Within. What a wonderful surprise was in store for me, as I finally discovered a most useful reference to aid me in keeping on track with energized belief and focus.

Read the full testimonial by Jill Karrenbrock – Owner of Massage Envy, Rolling Hills CA

“Awaken The Genie Within completely turned my life around. So much so that I bought two copies for myself – one for the car and one for home so it is always near by for inspiration and guidance. I had read The Secret, and although it opened the door for me, it was Linda Salazar’s book that took me through that door and gave me the tools I needed to make significant changes. I have finally reached a place of peace in my heart that has been missing for too many years.”

~ Sheila Callegari

Awaken The Genie Within pulls the stopper and helps you find your voice, your center, and your soul. You’ll discover ways to manage your thoughts and emotions to attract what you want and need, along with practical tips for improving your relationships and your working life.

Mastery of quieting your gremlin and waking up your genie will bring inner fulfillment, peace, and accomplishment into your life. The teachings contained in this book will guide you to a deeper awakening of your spirit so you can experience true joy.

“This book blew my mind!!!! Linda’s words spoke so loudly and truthfully to me. From her own life experiences and her own wisdom…she shares her thoughts in such a poignant and powerful way – in a style that always makes you feel like she’s your best friend!

At every turn there were gems that created shifts in my perspective and affected my everyday thoughts and behaviors! This is one of those “night table” books that you will want to open often and just read a few passages for healing and inspiration!”

~ Lori Rickman

You’ll learn how to:

  • Stay emotionally centered all day
  • Live authentically with less concern for others’ opinions
  • Get more done with less stress
  • Move through obstacles with greater ease and confidence
  • Find deeper fulfillment by uniting your work and your spirit
  • Nurture thriving relationships
  • Attain happiness from the inside out.

Awaken The Genie Within is the perfect gift for friends, family, or colleagues who are struggling with their lives. Author Linda Salazar, a Personal Life Coach, brings years of practical wisdom to this book. It has been developed by guiding clients through heartache, job changes, and relationship issues teaching you to awaken your ‘Genie’ – divine wisdom – to solve life’s challenges.

“After hiring Linda as a spiritual growth coach, I knew I had to buy her book so I always had her voice with me to keep me on track. I heartily recommend Linda’s “Awaken the Genie Within– Linda’s book is heartfelt and warmly written–filled to the brim with such useful and effective insights.

Applying them to my life on a daily basis has made such a positive difference with my personal and working relationships. It’s a long road to self-actualization. We need all the help we can get and Linda’s book is one of the quickest and easiest ways I’ve found to help us along our way.

And if you’re looking for a dynamic speaker and a memorable experience, book her to speak before your group. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!”

~ Catherine Coy

This book focuses on:

“Quieting Your Gremlin”
“Reconnecting With Your Soul”
“Emotional Energy Management”
And, “The Law of Attraction” that will propel you to “Change Your Story”

“I can honestly say that reading Awaken The Genie Within completely changed my outlook on how I view life. There used to be a lot of negativity which left me struggling from time to time making some days much harder than others.

Now, I find that I’m not only more positive but I can’t wait to get my day started. Linda’s book is one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read. It’s a quick read which allows me to pick it up everyday and open it to a random page to get my inspiration for the day!”

~ Vanessa Hassett


Use these stories to lift you up when you’re feeling down, to bring clarity during times of confusion, and to turn anxiety into peace and fear into confidence. Bring it to work and read a passage when you’re dealing with particularly difficult people or situations.

“This book is like shaving a few years off therapy – there’s so much wisdom about how to approach life’s big and little issues. The ‘best friend sharing stories’ style allows me to learn new perspectives on everything from relationships to annoyingly slow traffic in my rushed life.

These lessons seep into one’s consciousness in a mysterious way. I find myself a bit more tolerant, compassionate, successful, and therefore more joyous in many areas of life.

Hmmm, 20 years of therapy or Linda’s book? It’s pretty much a no-brainer for me! I look forward to giving this as a gift to friends and colleagues, too!”

~ Allison Bliss