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Your Imprint to Peaceful Relationships

Discover how to ease your emotional struggles,
feel understood by the people in your life and
consistently get your needs met

To support you having thriving relationships, I’ve put together a 2-hour online class that will give you the critical information to help you transform all your relationships.

There’s a line on your hands that holds the key to loving and genuine relationships in all areas of your life – it’s called your Heart Line.

Your heart line reveals how you most naturally want to give and receive love in all your relationships. It contains your innate way of comfortably connecting and interacting with people – whether it’s at work or in your personal life.

“Prior to doing Linda’s heart workshop I was sure that my marriage was over. Two hours later that was no longer true for me. The insight I gained about myself, my husband and other people in my life was nothing short of amazing.

The heart line contains information that is so accurate, so detailed, so profound that every person who wants to know their heart’s truth and have the best relationships possible in all areas of their life needs to do Linda’s heart class!
Not only can my marriage survive but it can actually thrive, now that I am armed with the information that I hold in my hands – literally and figuratively!

This is life changing – really!”

– Mary Loughlin

As you learn about your own Heart Line and put what you’ve discovered into practice, you’ll …

  • Experience authentic relationships that’s in line with what truly feels right for you.
  • Communicate your needs more effectively to others (so you can get them met more often!)
  • Know your non-negotiable relationships requirements and have them honored.
  • Understand how your heart line drives your emotional behaviors.
  • Feel more confident standing up for your needs, even when others challenge you.
  • Gain courage with relationship decisions.
  • Be loved and treated in the way that you deserve.
  • Understand what drives the emotional behavior of people in your life.

So much of your life gets better the moment you know your innate emotional style based on what your Heart Line reveals about you.

The 4 Heart Line types
And you can have more than one!


After you sign up for the class, feel free to take an individual picture of each hand (like the one below) with your phone and email them to me at Make sure to do this in good natural light and keep fingers bent enough to see crease in palm.

I’ll take a look at your Heart Line and let you know what your innate emotional style is.

When: Sunday, December 10th
3:30-5:30pm PST

Where: Zoom

Please call or email with any questions:



VENMO – @linda-salazar-11

I look forward to meeting you in the class – and telling you what your Heart Line reveals about your innate emotional style!

In Peace,


Certified Hand Analyst

P.S. – Here’s what other people have said after learning about their Heart Line and what it’s done for them!

“Thank you for the fascinating, helpful and validating Heart Line Class. I learned so much that is absolutely useful in my life, work, relationships that will enable me to be a better friend, sister, advisor, leader and partner.

When I first learned of this class I figured it was just about love relationships (as if that’s a simple topic!). But having taken the class I see how this understanding can really support all aspects of my life; from my gregarious self to my need for quiet, deep thinking time – which I often don’t acknowledge.

Even greater value was the coaching to help not only grasp the context of the heart line to my life, but offering ways of moving through the challenging parts I encounter in life. Much of what I learned was quite profoundly helpful in ways that decades of therapy doesn’t really touch. The icing on the cake was taking this class with a friend so we’d have a deeper appreciation and understanding of each other.

~ Allison Bliss

“When Linda explained to me that I had a couple of different heart lines in my hands and how they impacted my life and relationships I burst out laughing. She hit the nail on the head! The emotional challenges I have had in certain relationships have always been a major issue for me and now I understand exactly why.

Receiving the in depth information about my emotional style has enabled me to make wonderful improvement in all my relationships. I’m so much better at creating time and space for myself, guilt free – something that was a big challenge for me. I no longer feel the need to nurture everyone else before myself and because of this change I’m living more authentically and I’m happier in my life and with the people closest to me.

Linda is amazingly passionate about her work and sharing it with you. You will be amazed by what you can learn about yourself and the impact it will have on your relationships. Do the workshop! You won’t regret it!”

– Shirley Jordan

“This was an amazing class! Not only to learn more about yourself but how to relate to others that have different heart lines than our own.”

~ Julie Harrison

“After years of therapy, workshops and books, trying to move through a level of discomfort and disharmony around who I thought I was supposed to be in the world, I have finally reached a place of understanding myself like never before! All thanks to Linda Salazar and her wonderful insights through scientific hand analysis. Knowing my heart type and so many other things my hands revealed has brought me more freedom and peace than I could ever have dreamed of!

Thank you, Linda, a million times over for the work you are doing through the hands!”

– Caryn Richman

“I found the whole experience fascinating, especially being a trained marriage and family therapist. It provided me with a different set of perspectives into looking at relationships and understanding more about myself. I highly recommend Linda and her class!”

~ Jasmine Au

“Linda is a master. I took her heart line class and I was blown away! I came to the class with an open mind, but I truly wondered what this modality could do for me that I didn’t already know. I was so moved not only by the work but her complete mastery of it. I was so moved by the class that I followed up with a full hand analysis session. She has a keen ability to lay out very intense information and scenarios with grace, care, and love. I felt completely safe to explore very difficult memories and issues in my life. She has a command of the work that I value so much in someone that I seek council from. I feel a deep sense of self trust, and understanding of my life, the good and not so good.

I cannot recommend this experience more. Everyone should take her heart line class and have a private hand analysis with Linda!”

~ Leah Garza

“After learning what my heart line says about my emotional and communication style, I have found it so much more easy to express myself with others more effectively and feel heard! It’s made a huge difference with how I communicate with my husband because I now understand his way of expressing himself is different than mine and we can appreciate and honor each other for the way we are, naturally!”

– Kimberly Manning

“So much wonderful information that helps you understand yourself at a deeper level than ever before!”

– Gloria Gomez

“What a great learning experience and Linda was so amazing and very knowledgeable! I had no idea how much information the hands contained and how important understanding my heart line would be to my relationships.”

~ Jennifer Summers

“Participating in Linda’s Heart Line class is just what I needed for my emotional well-being. First, Linda’s heart is so in it that she was able to speak intimately with each of us who were present. I had immediate takeaways in greater understanding of my own emotional style. Since the class I am growing more appreciative of the ways of my heart, how I have gotten in my own way, and what I need emotionally to thrive in relationships and in my life. I also have a greater understanding of my partner. And I am already thinking differently in my work with clients.

I recommend Linda’s class and any other hand analysis work without a single reservation!”

– Reggie Odom

“You were right on in determining my Passionate heart line! Such valuable information for myself and my husband! If you want to understand yourself and others in your life more deeply then take Linda’s class!”

~ Doris Sorell

“Very insightful and spot on! Fun to hear and confirm things about my heart line in a gentle way and learn other information about how our hands reveal so much about us! I was truly blown away by the accuracy of how my heart line plays out in my life.”

~ Raluca P.