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Change Your Life Through Self-Discovery

Have you ever wondered,

  • What is my life purpose?
  • What should I be doing? What will give me peace of mind?
  • How do I stop self-defeating patterns?
  • What special gifts and talents are waiting to be found?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a map that guided you from ‘Here to Inner Peace and Happiness’? Science has discovered that each of us was born with just such a map, and it is literally in your own hands.

Scientific Hand Analysis has revealed that the lines and patterns on your fingers and hands are not random. There is a direct correlation between your handprints and important insights to knowing yourself, things like personality traits, life lessons, relationship qualities, innate gifts and more.

Understanding the map in your own hands will help you:

  • Gain meaningful direction in life
  • Increase confidence in your life purpose
  • Avoid painful pitfalls
  • Break old patterns
  • Resolve troublesome relationship issues

The study of Hand Analysis is not palm reading or fortune telling — it is a proven science and study. My clients have called their Hand Analysis and Life Map “a shortcut to changing your life.”

hand analysis for life purpose

Get your Hand Analysis and
Life Map Interpretation


Your Hand Analysis includes:

  • A full analysis of your unique hand patterns
  • A 60-90 minute session on Zoom where I
  • Explain your Life Map in detail
  • Share life strategies for implementing your Map
  • Answer any questions you might have
Start Your Journey to Inner Peace

Here’s how it works:

First, I will send your handprint kit with easy instructions on how to capture your prints.

Next, you return your prints to me (a return-postage envelope is included!).

I will interpret your Life Map and contact you to set up a time for your session on Zoom.

Need more information? Continue reading or request one of these free options:

Free Hand Analysis Report

Learn What Your Hand Prints Say About You and How to Discover Your Life Purpose!

Click the button to request your free handbook on Hand Analysis and life purpose. This handbook explains more about the science of Hand Analysis and the impact that knowing your Life Map can have in your life.

Request Your Free Download

Free 30-minute Phone Call

I’m happy to talk with you and answer any questions you might have, whether they be about life purpose, Hand Analysis, spiritual growth or relationship situations. After your questions are answered you can decide what steps to take next.

Click the button to schedule a time for your free, no-obligation “Getting to know you” session:

Request Your Free Session

After your session, additional coaching is always available to help support you on your path of spiritual and relationship growth.

How you can use your hand analysis to make the changes you want to your life

Your personal scientific hand analysis will allow you to understand so much more about how you work on an emotional level and give you a clearer answer to the question of “Who am I and what am I supposed to be doing with my life?”

Decades of research and analysis have helped create a system that uses the patterns in your hands and fingerprints to reveal crucial information about your personality type, temperament, communication styles and emotional patterns – essentially, it’s a bit of an “operators manual” for how you tick and what you need to truly feel like you’re living the right life.

Without this information, it’s easy (and sometimes inevitable) to get stuck in patterns where you find yourself making choices that don’t serve you and develop habits that hold you back from where you want to be. If you’ve felt like no matter what you’ve tried, you just cant break out of ruts, patterns, or bad decisions, it might be because you don’t know what choices are right for your “type.”

Thank you Linda for opening up my inner world to the possibility of wholeness, healing, of understanding my purpose and guiding me on the path to living my most authentic, fulfilled life. It was absolutely astounding to hear you make sense of my entire life without any sense of mysticism or ‘woo’ – just hard wired facts written in my hands. 

I have the big picture, and the blue print now and I am so honored and blessed to have you coach me on this journey from what was such a sense of brokenness to wholeness. I now know this is a possibility and am in great anticipation of what is still to come. You have given me hope.

Thank you for truly ‘seeing’ me in the most empathetic and heartfelt way and for acknowledging my journey so sensitively. I feel like the entire world would be changed if everyone had the opportunity to learn what I have had the gift of learning from you and to know their purpose at its very core. I am so grateful!

~ Estelle Poots

“My hand analysis with Linda blew me away and I am now a believer!

If you’re feeling hesitant to invest in receiving an analysis from Linda, don’t be, because the benefits are incredible!

What you will receive is the ability to truly understand yourself, how to live your life to the fullest, to experience joyful relationships and be who you really are!

I received complete confirmation around the feelings I had about my life purpose. It gave me the self-confidence to move forward and not listen to what others think I should be. The accuracy of me was at such a deep level that it gave me chills.”

~ Laura Henson

That’s where hand analysis comes in. Once your analysis helps you understand what “type” you are, you’ll know so much more about what decisions and choices will truly work for you and you’ll be able to start moving in the direction of a life that’s the “right fit” for you.

After you receive the results of your own hand analysis (which I’ll discuss in detail on Zoom with you), you’ll learn about things like:

  • Your life lesson – what you were put here to learn
  • Your life purpose – what you were put here to do
  • Your innate gifts – the talents that define you
  • Your emotional style – how you process and express emotions
  • Your relationship “non-negotiables” – how you want and need to be treated in all your relationships
  • Your intuition – how to tap into it and use it more freely
  • Your authentic self – how to step into it with courage and inner strength

And much, much more.

This information will help you break the patterns that are keeping you in relationships, careers and emotional situations that aren’t right for you. Of course, no change happens overnight, but finally you’ll have the answers to the questions “Who am I? and “What should I do next?”

I’m so looking forward to sharing the results of your hand analysis with you.

And if you’re still not sure then I invite you to watch my 16-minute interview below explaining Hand Analysis on Talk Up Your Biz

I look forward to talking to you soon – and telling you everything about your life, your relationships and your potential that your hands reveal.

In Peace,


Certified Hand Analyst

P.S. – Some of my clients have been kind enough to send in testimonials about their experience and results about their hand analysis session. I invite you to take a look for yourself!

Linda Salazar is the real deal. She is not a gypsy palm reader or a side show hustler. She offers a scientific analysis of your hand. Through hundreds of hours of training, research and analysis, Linda has become an expert, of the highest level, in the interpretation of each person’s unique hands. With this expertise Linda can give you personal guidance in your life. Your hands tell the story of your life’s purpose and so much more.

I met Linda during her 2-hour heart line class. After the class I took the additional step and asked her for the complete hand analysis. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical, but I signed up because my sister had already done a full reading with Linda.

Within the first minute or two of my hand analysis phone call with Linda I was blown away. I had no idea how she could know so much about me. She gave me such important information about my life’s purpose and other aspects of myself, that I have changed my current life and started on a whole new path.

This is not just a job for Linda, this is her vocation. It is her passion. She has dedicated herself to making this world a better place through her skills of hand analysis.

I was so impressed I ordered a session for my teenage son. She was completely accurate in her analysis of his personality and purpose. The personal knowledge we now have has brought a new understanding and appreciation of each other.

I wish I had found Linda years ago; it would have saved me a lot of time in my life, relationships and career. She is a true gem and a compassionate sage. You will not be disappointed – I promise!

~ Katherine

“Not only is Linda is a very insightful and knowledgeable coach, she also provides an extremely insightful hand analysis for her clients.

My first impression was that she might be a sort of ‘fortune teller’ by reading people’s hands; however, this is not at all the case. The amount of accurate information that Linda was able to tell me about my personality style, my life challenges and my life purpose, just by studying the lines and prints on my hands was uncanny. It all resonated deeply as truth!

The best part was, she was able to share an objective view of the full story of my life, through my hands. This gave me a great sense of ease about the path I am on, and I now see why I have chosen the particular challenges and partners and careers that I have.

I recommend Linda’s gifts to everyone and anyone who is interested in knowing themselves better. Learning from Linda about myself was a fun and valuable experience!”

~ Julie Napolitan

“As a mother of five children between the ages of 11 and 1 it’s important to me to figure out how to not only best connect with each child in the present but also how to support them moving forward in the future based on their own individual behaviors.

Having a hand analysis done for each child gave me information beyond anything I could have imagined to help me with this. Through this information I am able to release any assumptions and definitively aid my children in ways that supports them 100% according to their specific personality traits and soul make-up.

I’m now more easily able to:

  • Love each of them in a way that they most naturally respond to and receive their love back knowing it’s how they innately show their love – and it’s not the same for all of them.
  • Support them on their path in life so they can grow into their purpose that will bring them their most joy and peace.
  • Help them through their specific life lessons that I would never have known without the analysis.
  • Allow them to express themselves emotionally and artistically without needing it to be my way because I know they are being their most authentic self.

This experience has given me exactly what I need to interact more effectively with my children on a daily basis and help keep our family more deeply connected. I would absolutely recommend Linda and her hand analysis work for any parent who is wanting the best for their children and a loving and supportive family environment.”

~ Sheree Nixon

“As a mother of a 13-year old daughter, who is an only child, I wasn’t prepared for the radical transformation that was happening right before my eyes. My beautiful little angel was turning into a grumpy, temperamental teenager. She wanted to do the opposite of everything I asked her to do. What was I doing wrong? My daughter was miserable and my heart was aching.

Fortunately for my daughter (and me) I met Linda Salazar and had both our hand analysis done. I was amazed at how she was able describe our personalities, emotional style and other things to a “T”! Linda shared with me the best approach for supporting and motivating my very sensitive child so it worked for both of us!

The hand analysis and Linda’s coaching has made a world of a difference in our relationship and how we communicate. The sparkle in her eyes is back again! If you have children you owe it to yourself and your entire family to work with Linda. You’ll be amazed at the joy, peace and loving communications that can be brought into your home.

Linda, thank you from the bottom of my heart! What you’ve done is going to impact our relationship for the rest of our lives!”

~ Ann DeVere

“I have to admit it. When I first considered scientific hand analysis, I was skeptical. I wondered, “What can the palm of my hand have to say about my true calling, my power to accomplish and, even more importantly, my ability to make a lasting difference in the world?”

The answer is: PLENTY.

My experience with Linda Salazar and Scientific Hand Analysis was incredible, insightful and filled with clarity. Within 1 hour Linda shed light on my inherent gifts and ways that I can put them into action in a BIGGER, more powerful way.

And, she also shared patterns that may be getting in my way. What more can I say! Linda Salazar, the work you are doing with Scientific Hand Analysis is amazing!””

~ Marsh Engle

“Thank you for your valuable hand analysis. I had no idea that there was so much accurate information contained in my hands. You opened a new world to me in understanding more of God’s complexities. So much of what you shared coincides with my knowledge of self. It is so fascinating!

As a coach I am very particular about whose coaching I engage in. The coaching you provided in connection with the analysis was priceless. You provided insightful suggestions of how I can approach some of my current challenges – all while also giving me encouragement and raising my confidence.

You are in a class of your own. I find your work so important that I referred someone to you this afternoon – just a few hours after our session. Thank you so much be being you and for sharing your gift. You have helped me raise my level of authenticity.”

~ Norma Hollis

“I was skeptical about “scientific” hand analysis and doubted that it would, or could be accurate, have much value, or that my hands and fingerprints were going to enlighten or change my life in any way. My logical mind didn’t give it much credibility.

Well, I’m BLOWN AWAY by this powerful, profound, and life changing experience! I had the most enormous epiphany – and I’ve spent lots of time trying to understand my psyche- but this scientific hand reading brought a level of clarity and insight that surprised and amazed me. What I always understood intellectually has shifted to understanding things about myself at a deeper “Feeling” level of my being.

There are 5 specific benefits I received from this process;

  • A deep understanding and healing of lifelong conflicts
  • Clarity and understanding of who I am and what drives me at a very deep level.
  • A better perspective and tools so that I can deal with my life in a much more effective way.
  • An audio version of my session to listen to over and over again to help keep me on track.
  • Very powerful coaching from Linda to sum up the hand analysis and help me interpret it for my own life.

Highly recommended! RUN and get your scientific hand reading immediately! Linda helped me accomplish more healing and acceptance of myself in one session than years of therapy or rehashing of the past – and no seminars or reading of books, either.

It gave me immediate understanding of some conflicts within myself that I have been struggling with my whole life. I now feel a tremendous feeling of angst that is lifting. It’s the beginning of a healing that I didn’t really know was possible! It was worth every penny… a hundred times over!

Linda’s coaching was the most powerful part of it all! She takes the information she can see about you – and uses her enormous heart, beautiful spirit and keen analytical mind to guide you through it. There is no judgment and it is always focused on you; your personality, goals, heart’s desire, letting go of changing others!

I want everyone to know about this hand analysis with Linda Salazar because it’s so essential and important when you’re making make real change in your life and your bottom line. This experience is a shortcut to making changes in your life. In the long run, this will save you enormous amounts of money!

Thank you, Linda!

~ Caryn Richman

Yesterday I listened again to my hand analysis. It touches so deeply the things I have always felt within myself but rarely ever talk about, and I can see how my whole life has unfolded within the foundations you mentioned in the reading.

Also, it’s a reminder to really listen to the calling deep within myself, no matter what. Through the hand analysis, that calling feels a sense of relief and enlivened for being seen and acknowledged.  Thank you so much, Linda!

~ Tracey Uber Cook

“Linda is a master. I took her heart line class and I was blown away! I came to the class with an open mind, but I truly wondered what this modality could do for me that I didn’t already know. I was so moved not only by the work but her complete mastery of it. I was so moved by the class that I followed up with a full hand analysis session. She has a keen ability to lay out very intense information and scenarios with grace, care, and love. I felt completely safe to explore very difficult memories and issues in my life. She has a command of the work that I value so much in someone that I seek council from. I feel a deep sense of self trust, and understanding of my life, the good and not so good.

I cannot recommend this experience more. Everyone should take her heart line class and have a private hand analysis with Linda!”

~ Leah Garza

“If you’re even considering having a hand analysis done with Linda I’ve got three words for you – go for it! The accuracy of the information is amazing and what I learned from Linda in an hour was more than I learned in any sessions during counseling. Seriously, I’ve spent many hours and thousands of dollars to understand aspects of myself and Linda helped me more in our hour together than any other professional with whom I’ve worked.

Linda is laser-focused with her coaching and delivers her insights gently and effectively.

These are just a few of the benefits I received from my hand analysis:

  • Learning my specific life lesson and how it manifests in different areas of my life has enabled me from staying stuck to moving through and getting results I want.
  • Finally understanding my communication style and needs is allowing me to express myself with others more effectively.
  • Having insight into my exact gifts and how to incorporate them in my life so I am living authentically and on purpose.

Linda, you are a gifted teacher and healer! I am very grateful to you for what you’ve taught me about myself – thank you!”

~ Kimberly Manning

“What a gift! This came to me at a moment in my life when I so desperately needed support, clarity and guidance. Although I have worked for years to understand and solve my challenges around family and my career decisions, I kept coming up shorthanded and experiencing the same frustrations over and over again.

My hand analysis with Linda changed all that in just one-hour — shedding light on my life lessons and life purpose, something I’d struggled with, and would have taken years of emotional work to discover. With the information I now have, I have been able to take a huge leap in my journey with greater confidence and excitement for what lies before me. Thank you for this gift!”

~ Lily Darya

“I decided to try scientific hand analysis because I felt stuck in my life. I had read a lot of self-help books, but I couldn’t seem to make myself act and I didn’t know why. Self-improvement had become a spectator sport to me.

I learned so much in my hand analysis session with Linda. When she told me my life purpose, I felt a sense of rightness and even relief. I finally understood what had been creating blocks for me and why I had not been able to move forward in my life.

After the session, I knew I wanted to work with Linda and what a difference it made! Through the hand analysis and her own amazing insight, she was able to help me discover what the next step in my life would be. She brought great compassion and understanding to our sessions, while pushing me to reach higher.

Many times it was tough for me, but she told me she would never push me to do anything she didn’t believe I could do. It is a rare person who can create a safe and supportive environment in which to challenge you. There is nobody I would trust more to guide me to take the leap I needed to take.

Thank you, Linda, for helping me to find my way and showing me I was strong enough to act on it.”

~ Jennifer Janicki

“Thank you for your coaching and hand analysis! You wouldn’t believe how my life is at this moment. Just 4-5 months later! I accomplished my soul’s purpose, released all bad feelings for the people I thought wronged me and as a result, out of the blue, family members contacted me bringing new and loving relationships into my life. And last, but not least, I have met the man of my dreams and we love each other deeply. Thank you!”

– Amy