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Hand Analysis Training

Life Purpose Intensive

Discover how to read hands
as a career or a fun pastime
with the added bonus of understanding
yourself more deeply than you ever imagined!
hand analysis for life purpose

Are you intrigued by what makes people tick?

Do you enjoy inspiring people to bring out the best in themselves?

Does delving into a deeper awareness for your own personal growth excite you?

Are you ready to discover the reasons that can hold you and others back from your most joyful, prosperous self?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then continue on to learn how this 11-week webinar training is the key to not only making your own life bloom but the lives of friends, family and clients you give readings too!

Here’s what we’ll cover in this LIVE training together!

Level One: Palmistry Basics – The Hand

hand analysis self discovery map

In the first part of the training you’ll learn how the shape, fingers and lines of the hand come together to influence the results of your hand analysis.

  • The hand shape (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) how someone approaches life.
  • The feel and color of the hand’s skin reveals certain personality qualities and emotions.
  • How the fingers and mounts on the hand influence a person’s drive, strengths, desires and capabilities.
  • Why a person’s thumb plays such an important role with how much they accomplish or don’t accomplish in their life.
  • The Heart Line and how it reveals a person’s relationship requirements that make them most happy.
  • How a person’s mental processing is reflected through the Head Line.
  • The Life Line and how it reveal a person’s vitality system, grounding and family influence.
  • How the vertical lines play a role in a person’s energy flow and influential support for the fingers.

Level 2: Fingerprints – The Soul’s Code

This could be one of the most exciting part of hand analysis for yourself and those you read for!

  • Identify, decipher and rank the fingerprint patterns enabling you to describe the Life Purpose, Life Challenges and Life Path for yourself, friends, family and clients.
  • How to construct your own Life Purpose Chart based on your unique fingerprints – and how to do this for others.
  • How to blend together details about the four fingerprint types to get the deeply personal information about a person’s soul curriculum that will help them solve the “unsolvable” problems in their life.
  • Integrate the palm code with the fingerprint code and give more precise readings for deeper awareness.

Why Learn Hand Analysis Through AAHA?

Taught by Associate Faculty Teacher, Linda Salazar

  • 3 one-hour private mentoring sessions with Linda to answer your questions, go over hand prints and continue to build your confidence in mastering the material.
  • Classes are kept small with no more than 5 students to give individualized one-on-one support.
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home.
  • All classes are recorded to listen to as often as you like.
  • Experiential learning environment to help you instantly transform what you’re studying into practical application.
  • The AAHA faculty is committed to the highest quality student transformation.
  • Course content is rich, clear and precise based on scientific evidence.
  • Student hand prints are referenced during class as an additional learning aid.
  • 180 page student training manual is thorough and extensive.
  • 50 hand prints of real people to support your training development.
  • Templates how to deliver a great hand reading.
  • Tips for foolproof hand printing everyone you read for.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Positioned to advance into the next AAHA Year Long Certification and Business Breakthrough program with Master Teacher, Kay Packard.

And perhaps the most important of all – a fun and supportive learning environment!


All eleven 2-hour sessions of your classes are attended in the comfort of your own home via live webinar– and the class size is kept small (only 5 students at a time)to make sure you receive the personal attention and support you deserve through the entire training.

Next Group Training

2:00-4:00pm PST

May 7th – July 16th

All classes via LIVE Webinar
from the comfort of home

Open for 5 students

Class Tuition: $2,497

Recordings of all calls are included in your tuition


Kay Packard’s book: Your Life Is In Your Hands: Practical Palm Reading for Purposeful Living

Linda’s book: Forever Hold Your Peace:
Timeless wisdom for greater love, serenity, and personal power

 45-minute Private Life Purpose Hand Analysis Session OR 45-minute Private Coaching Session

Pay in full or 2-Easy-Pay installments

International students: Add shipping and handling fees for training manual

I want you to be 100% sure this is the best decision for you so let’s schedule a conversation.
Send me an email with, “Yes! I’d like to schedule a conversation.”
and I’ll contact you within 24 hours.

After we’ve talked and you’re ready to embark on this amazing journey,
come back and register now!

Space Limited to 5 Students!

I look forward teaching you what your hands reveal about your life, your relationships, your potential … and so much more.

Whether you want to learn how to read hands for your own personal reasons, or you want to embark on a career doing readings for clients, your journey is just beginning. I’m honored to be there to support you along your way!

In Peace,


Certified Hand Analyst and Associate Faculty Teacher
for the American Academy of Hand Analysis

“The Level 1&2 Life Purpose Intensive exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Linda was a fantastic instructor. I knew right away that I was learning from a true master. I was concerned that I would be overwhelmed by the amount of information presented, but the curriculum was laid out in a brilliant step-by-step structure with many opportunities along the way to apply what I was learning. It was a terrific experience from start to finish.”

– Angela Pennisi

“Linda instructed me through Levels 1 & 2 of the American Academy of Hand Analysis and I couldn’t have wished for a better tutor/mentor. During the time I spent learning hand analysis with Linda, I always found her to be kind, thoughtful and considerate, allowing me to learn at a pace that was structured, comfortable and fun to learn. As well as learning the amazing science that is revealed in the hands, Linda’s insight gave me an understanding of my true self and for this I am truly grateful to her.”

– Elaine Casey – Wellington, NZ

“Classes with Linda were a revelation to me. She has a very spirited way of teaching and mixes her rich experience and knowledge with a lot of humor and heart. Thank you, Linda, for sharing your wisdom, love and dedication to this work with me.”

– Nina Pries

“Dear Linda,
My sincere thanks to you again for being my teacher. The journey with you was one I will always treasure and will never forget. It was an amazing experience and I can’t thank you enough for opening up the world of hands to me, along with so many other wonderful insights you shared. You always spoke with such clarity, you delivered from your heart, and your patience and kind ear made the learning experience such an enjoyable one for me.
For those of you reading this who are considering the study of hand analysis, then now’s the time to give yourself this amazing gift. You will be truly grateful you did!”

– Barbara Rose

“Linda’s teaching and insights brought this study to life. I absolutely loved the organization, live sessions and how she efficiently covered the amazing class manual for level 1& 2. Linda was truly tuned into making my experience a rich and full understanding of this work. She made it fun and interesting, giving me greater insights. Now I am completely confident that I have a much deeper understanding of hand reading and all the tools necessary to deliver a more meaningful reading to all my clients!”

– Barbara McMurtry

“My hand analysis training with Linda turned out to be so much more than learning about reading hands. I had taken a training back in 2000 and I stopped due to some life issues that came up. Wanting to get back into learning this modality in 2019 I found Linda and I’m so glad I did! She was able to adjust to my needs in a way that helped me regain my confidence and provide me an income in my senior years. Learning with Linda encouraged me to see the important life changing information to those who seek you out that a hand reading can provide. ”

– Joanne Bidwell