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Over the years I’ve worked with many clients who have gone through major transformations in their lives. They came to me confused and concerned about how things went from being absolutely wonderful to feeling quite depressed – especially while delving more deeply into their spiritual practice. I, too, have gone through times of turmoil, often baffled by the rapid downward spiral after experiencing such long periods of great joy and peace in my life.

What I have come to learn through my own experiences, as well as those of clients, is the importance of embracing the times of confusion, sadness and struggle with great anticipation. These feelings are an indication that a part of you is dying. A death that is necessary in order to make room for a birthing of the next stage of your life.

The upgrade

You’re processing an internal upgrade much like what’s done to a computer when you want it to work better. Your upgrade creates an internal reconciliation between what was, what is and what’s coming. An alignment is being created so your life operates more smoothly and authentic.

Your ego will struggle through this upgrade, holding onto the old ways for dear life because it knows, as you grow, it loses its grip on you.

Your soul, however, knows the Truth, and recognizes that change is not only inevitable but empowering to your well-being. It will continue to encourage and work toward that which is for your highest good. Whatever is showing up wouldn’t be there if you weren’t ready for it. Even as your ego insists that you’re not!

Surrendering to what is 

The sooner you’re willing to surrender to what you’re experiencing, the smoother the upgrade. The limiting stories you tell yourself about past or future are what create your greatest suffering. It’s another ego fabrication wanting to maintain the status quo and stay in charge.

Major transformations can absolutely be difficult. And because of that I remind you – as human beings we complicate things, often making circumstances and situations messier then need be. It’s the nature of the beast because the ego speaks loudest. Beyond the ego’s rants is a gentle voice creating peace and clarity within.

That voice allows you to embrace the process of your death knowing it’s as necessary as breathing. It must occur in order to keep on growing and birthing this next phase of life into existence.

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