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What Clients Are Saying…


Linda, this Mama got some Soul Boots now and I am ready to transverse the terrain! I felt like a toddler learning to walk in shoes for the first time, unstable and scared. Your guidance helped me. Your voice kept me on the right path. I have my Truth. And I thank you for being the best coach in guiding me to that Truth. I love my life and my energy levels are brilliant. Your coaching style helped me to Grow Up. I no longer feel like a victim. I am strong and vivacious. My mind is steady. Attention deficit disorder no longer exists in my world. Peace is my way. I have love….Finally I have love for myself and life! I am so very thankful. Wow!

– Nancy Suess

“One of the greatest gifts to have come into my life is Linda Salazar. With her gentle nature, wonderful insights and positive energy, to name a few… she truly is making a difference! Each session I become more aware of the value of the philosophy Linda’s work is about. I am now experiencing a sense of personal empowerment and well-being. There is so much value to be gained with Linda… she is definitely worth her weight in GOLD!!”

~ Diana Rodgers

“Linda has given me better tools for living – in my marriage, in my personal relationships, and with myself. I’m feeling more authentic and confident in my relationships. At a particularly difficult point in my life, Linda’s guiding support helped me to see the situation clearly and make decisions that supported my goals, and honored my heart. Thanks to her great coaching, I was able to have the conversations, make the decisions, and am now in the best place for me to move myself forward, personally and professionally. It would have taken me years of therapy and self-help book tidbits to make these breakthroughs, but Linda helped me understand and achieve them in a relatively short time. I cannot thank her enough for her love and support.”

~ Amy Yarma

“As someone who has gone through some therapy in the past, Linda’s coaching, to me, is one of true integrity! With Linda, it’s: ‘Here are the tools, now go use them EVERYDAY! It is all about YOUR responsibility in the relationships with yourself, and everyone else in your life! PERIOD!’

With Linda’s coaching, I’ve learned to look within myself with clear and honest eyes. And, most importantly, to ask myself hard hitting questions! Linda’s coaching is: CLEAR, HONEST, UNCOMPLICATED. THOUGHT PROVOKING, SOUL NOURISHING, and EMPOWERING!”

~ Marie Beaubien

“Thank you for your coaching and hand analysis! You wouldn’t believe how my life is at this moment. Just 4-5 months later! I accomplished my soul’s purpose, released all bad feelings for the people I thought wronged me and as a result, out of the blue, family members contacted me bringing new and loving relationships into my life. And last, but not least, I have met the man of my dreams and we love each other deeply. Thank you!”

~ Amy

“I’ve learned from Linda that love breeds love, and that forgiveness and understanding are needed even in the most difficult situations. I’m still with my husband — when I felt so angry I wanted to leave him. Linda helped me realize that anger isn’t always the best emotion from which to make decisions. I‘ve learned to care for myself so I can bring the best part of me to our relationship. I believe I have a broader perspective from which to evaluate relationship decisions now, too.”

~ Margaret Blisson

“My hand analysis with Linda blew me away and I am now a believer!
If you’re feeling hesitant to invest in receiving an analysis from Linda, don’t be, because the benefits are incredible!

What you will receive is the ability to truly understand yourself, how to live your life to the fullest, to experience joyful relationships and be who you really are!

I received complete confirmation around the feelings I had about my life purpose. It gave me the self-confidence to move forward and not listen to what others think I should be. The accuracy of me was at such a deep level that it gave me chills.“

~ Dr. Laura Henson

“You all NEED to know about the amazing Linda Salazar. I got to experience her brilliant work that has truly shifted me at a CORE level & brought huge awareness & understanding for me. She is brilliant at knowing how to scientifically analyze the blueprint of your hands. It is NOT palm-reading! VERY different. It is a proven science & blew me away. She is extraordinary. Check her out!”

~ Lynn Rose

“As a mother of a 13-year old daughter, who is an only child, I wasn’t prepared for the radical transformation that was happening right before my eyes. My beautiful little angel was turning into a grumpy, temperamental teenager. She wanted to do the opposite of everything I asked her to do. What was I doing wrong? My daughter was miserable and my heart was aching.

Fortunately for my daughter (and me) I met Linda Salazar and had both our hand analysis done. I was amazed at how she was able describe our personalities, emotional styles and other things to a “T”! Linda shared with me the best approach for supporting and motivating my very sensitive child so it worked for both of us!

The hand analysis and Linda’s coaching has made a world of difference in our relationship and how we communicate. The sparkle in her eyes is back again! If you have children you owe it to yourself and your entire family to work with Linda. You’ll be amazed at the joy, peace and loving communications that can be brought into your home.

Linda, thank you from the bottom of my heart! What you’ve done is going to impact our relationship for the rest of our lives!”

~ Ann DeVere
Executive Producer
Access To Experts TV

“I have to admit it. When I first considered scientific hand analysis, I was skeptical. I wondered, what can the palm of my hand have to say about my true calling, my power to accomplish and, even more importantly, my ability to make a lasting difference in the world?”

The answer is: PLENTY.

My experience with Linda Salazar and Scientific Hand Analysis was incredible, insightful and filled with clarity. Within one hour Linda shed light on my inherent gifts and ways that I can put them into action in a BIGGER, more powerful way. And, she also shared patterns that may be getting in my way.

What more can I say! Linda Salazar, the work you are doing with Scientific Hand Analysis is amazing!”

~ Marsh Engle

“I decided to try scientific hand analysis because I felt stuck in my life. I had read a lot of self-help books, but I couldn’t seem to make myself act and I didn’t know why. Self-improvement had become a spectator sport to me.

I learned so much in my hand analysis session with Linda. When she told me my life purpose, I felt a sense of rightness and even relief. I finally understood what had been creating blocks for me and why I had not been able to move forward in my life.

After the session, I knew I wanted to work with Linda and what a difference it made! Through the hand analysis and her own amazing insight, she was able to help me discover what the next step in my life would be. She brought great compassion and understanding to our sessions, while pushing me to reach higher.

Many times it was tough for me, but she told me she would never push me to do anything she didn’t believe I could do. It is a rare person who can create a safe and supportive environment in which to challenge you. There is nobody I would trust more to guide me to take the leap I needed to take.

Thank you, Linda, for helping me to find my way and showing me I was strong enough to act on it.”

~ Jennifer Janicki

Hand Analysis

Yesterday I listened again to my hand analysis. It touches so deeply the things I have always felt within myself but rarely ever talk about, and I can see how my whole life has unfolded within the foundations you mentioned in the reading.

Also, it’s a reminder to really listen to the calling deep within myself, no matter what. Through the hand analysis, that calling feels a sense of relief and enlivened for being seen and acknowledged. Thank you so much!

~ Tracey Uber Cook

“What a gift! This came to me at a moment in my life when I so desperately needed support, clarity and guidance. Although I have worked for years to understand and solve my challenges around family and my career decisions, I kept coming up shorthanded and experiencing the same frustrations over and over again.

My hand analysis with Linda changed all that in just one-hour — shedding light on my life lessons and life purpose, something I’d struggled with, and would have taken years of emotional work to discover. With the information I now have, I have been able to take a huge leap in my journey with greater confidence and excitement for what lies before me. Thank you for this gift!”

~ Lily Darya

“Linda is a master. I took her heart line class and I was blown away! I came to the class with an open mind, but I truly wondered what this modality could do for me that I didn’t already know. I was so moved not only by the work but her complete mastery of it. I was so moved by the class that I followed up with a full hand analysis session. She has a keen ability to lay out very intense information and scenarios with grace, care, and love. I felt completely safe to explore very difficult memories and issues in my life. She has a command of the work that I value so much in someone that I seek council from. I feel a deep sense of self trust, and understanding of my life, the good and not so good.

I cannot recommend this experience more. Everyone should take her heart line class and have a private hand analysis with Linda!”

~ Leah Garza

“Thank you for the session; it was indeed quite relieving and validating. Hand analysis is a wonderful tool; however even the grooviest tool does nothing without the communication of it. Your dedication to learn what is clearly a complex study, your connection to spirit and utilization of your gifts that guide you in the recognition of patterns, and finally, your ability to communicate the results accurately and in an uplifting manner to your clients is a true service and healing event for us.”

~ Kathryn Hartwell

“If you’re even considering having a hand analysis done with Linda I’ve got three words for you – go for it! The accuracy of the information is amazing and what I learned from Linda in an hour was more than I learned in any sessions during counseling. Seriously, I’ve spent many hours and thousands of dollars to understand aspects of myself and Linda helped me more in our hour together than any other professional with whom I’ve worked.

Linda is laser-focused with her coaching and delivers her insights gently and effectively.

These are just a few of the benefits I received from my hand analysis:

Learning my specific life lesson and how it manifests in different areas of my life has enabled me from staying stuck to moving through and getting results I want.

Finally understanding my communication style and needs is allowing me to express myself with others more effectively.

Having insight into my exact gifts and how to incorporate them in my life so I am living authentically and on purpose.

Linda, you are a gifted teacher and healer! I am very grateful to you for what you’ve taught me about myself — thank you!”

~ Kimberly Manning

“Thank you for your valuable hand analysis. I had no idea that there was so much accurate information contained in my hands. You opened a new world to me in understanding more of God’s complexities. So much of what you shared coincides with my knowledge of self. It is so fascinating!

As a coach I am very particular about whose coaching I engage in. The coaching you provided in connection with the analysis was priceless. You provided insightful suggestions of how I can approach some of my current challenges – all while also giving me encouragement and raising my confidence.

You are in a class of your own. I find your work so important that I referred someone to you this afternoon — just a few hours after our session. Thank you so much for being you and for sharing your gift. You have helped me raise my level of authenticity.”

~ Norma Hollis

“In a matter of minutes during my hand analysis session with Linda, I not only knew my emotional style but it hit me like a lighting bolt that the problem in my ten-year relationship was due to me playing the role of a completely different emotional style — and that my partner wasn’t to blame! During dinner that night he said to me, ‘For the first time in eight years I don’t feel any anger from you, what’s going on?”

I shared my experience with Linda with all its aha moments, which enabled him to open up to me in ways he’s never done before. I now know his emotional style and we understand each other at a whole new level — continuing to make this relationship the best it can be!”

~ Beth Kaplan

Heart Line Class

“Linda is a master. I took her heart line class and I was blown away! I came to the class with an open mind, but I truly wondered what this modality could do for me that I didn’t already know. I was so moved not only by the work but her complete mastery of it. I was so moved by the class that I followed up with a full hand analysis session. She has a keen ability to lay out very intense information and scenarios with grace, care, and love. I felt completely safe to explore very difficult memories and issues in my life. She has a command of the work that I value so much in someone that I seek council from. I feel a deep sense of self trust, and understanding of my life, the good and not so good.

I cannot recommend this experience more. Everyone should take her heart line class and have a private hand analysis with Linda!”

~ Leah Garza

“Thank you for the fascinating, helpful and validating Heart Line Class. I learned so much that is absolutely useful in my life, work, relationships that will enable me to be a better friend, sister, advisor, leader and partner.

“When I first learned of this class I figured it was just about love relationships (as if that’s a simple topic!). But having taken the class I see how this understanding can really support all aspects of my life; from my gregarious self to my need for quiet, deep thinking time – which I often don’t acknowledge.

Even greater value was the coaching to help not only grasp the context of the heart line to my life, but offering ways of moving through the challenging parts I encounter in life. Much of what I learned was quite profoundly helpful in ways that decades of therapy doesn’t really touch. The icing on the cake was taking this class with a friend so we’d have a deeper appreciation and understanding of each other.”

~ Allison Bliss

“Prior to doing Linda’s heart line class I was sure that my marriage was over. Two hours later that was no longer true for me. Not only can my marriage survive but it can actually thrive, now that I am armed with the information that I hold in my hands – literally and figuratively! The insight I gained about myself, my husband and other people in my life was nothing short of amazing. The heart line contains information that is so accurate, so detailed, so profound that every person who wants to know their heart’s truth and have the best relationships possible in all areas of their life needs to do Linda’s heart class! This is life changing – really!”

~ Mary Loughlin

“I’m so glad my husband and I took Linda’s heart line class. There were many things confirmed that we knew about each other and we also learned some things that absolutely helped us understand each other better. It helped with communicating our needs more easily and I’m so grateful for this because it’s an area I struggled with.

Linda’s class is fun and informative. If you’re thinking about taking it, go for it!
You won’t be disappointed!”

~ Ulyssa Preiss

“So much wonderful information that helps you understand yourself at a deeper level than ever before!”

~ Gloria Gomez

“This was an amazing class, not only to learn more about yourself but how to relate with others that have different heart lines than our own.”

~ Julie Harrison

“What a great learning experience and Linda was so amazing and very knowledgeable! I had no idea how much information the hands contained and how important understanding my heart line would be to my relationships.”

~ Jennifer Summers

“When Linda explained to me that I had a couple of different heart lines in my hands and how they impacted my life and relationships I burst out laughing. She hit the nail on the head! The emotional challenges I have had in certain relationships have always been a major issue for me and now I understand exactly why.Receiving the in depth information about my emotional style has enabled me to make wonderful improvement in all my relationships. I’m so much better at creating time and space for myself, guilt free – something that was a big challenge for me. I no longer feel the need to nurture everyone else before myself and because of this change I’m living more authentically and I’m happier in my life and with the people closest to me.

Linda is amazingly passionate about her work and sharing it with you. You will be amazed by what you can learn about yourself and the impact it will have on your relationships. Take the class! You won’t regret it!”

– Shirley Jordan

“Participating in Linda’s Heart Line class was just what I needed for my emotional well-being. First Linda’s heart is so in it that she was able to speak intimately with each of us who were present. I had immediate take-aways in greater understanding of my own emotional style. Since the workshop I am daily growing more appreciative of the ways of my heart, how I have gotten in my own way, and what I need emotionally to thrive in relationships and in my life. I also have a greater understanding of my partner. And I am already thinking differently in my work with clients.

I recommend Linda’s workshop and any other hand analysis work her without a single reservation!”

~ Reggie Odom

“Thank you, Linda for a very fun and insightful class to learn about my relationships based on the heart line in my hand. Coming from a scientific background I was skeptical but that was quickly put to rest after seeing how the information related so accurately to my life. Just amazing!”

~ Cheryl Ebert

“Learning about the four heart lines was like being given an operations manual for each emotional style. I can hardly believe how accurate the information is! Learning about my own emotional styles (I found out that I have two heart lines, a different one on each hand) gave me some new perspective on how I operate in relationships with others. I worried that deciphering the heart line in the hand would be difficult, but Linda presented the information so clearly that I’m looking forward to putting my new understanding into practice! This was a great investment in myself!”

~ Kimberly Ward Manning

“You were right on in determining my Passionate heart line! Such valuable information for myself and my husband! If you want to understand yourself and others in your life more deeply then take Linda’s class!”

~ Doris Sorell

“I found the whole experience fascinating, especially being a trained marriage and family therapist. It provided me with a different set of perspectives into looking at relationships and understanding more about myself. I highly recommend Linda and her class!”

~ Jasmine Au

“Very insightful and spot on! Fun to hear and confirm things about my heart line in a gentle way and learn other information about how our hands reveal so much about us! I was truly blown away by the accuracy of how my heart line plays out in my life.”

~ Raluca P.


“The whole experience with Linda was enlightening and the information she shared was received well by all who attended. It’s quite uplifting hearing my co-workers still talk about how much they learned from Linda’s presentation. Linda has the ability to connect to the audience with her own practical experiences. Attendees walked away with greater self-awareness, a new-found understanding and compassion in their relationships at work and their personal lives.”

~ Kelly Hagy
Human Resources Director
Northwest Medical Center

“Linda spoke at my last women networking event and her presentation was outstanding. She had the audience captured with her great stories and content. Linda touched our hearts, gave us hope and motivated us into action. I would highly recommend Linda for your next event.”

~ Christianne Holbrook

“The talk you gave at our MOMS night out was outstanding. Everyone present had nothing but good things to say about your presentation and the insight you have brought to a subject that is so important to all of us – the relationship with our spouse and our entire family and friends.
Thank you so much!”

~ Kellie Bieber
Moms Club Chairperson

“Thank you so much for the wonderful talk you did at our Mothers of Preschoolers groups! Your talk was intelligent, funny and right on the money regarding our feelings as mothers and wives. The information you shared was so eye-opening and hit such a deep chord in all of us.
Thank you again.”

~ Sue Hensely
MOPS Speaker Coordinator

“Linda Salazar did an awesome training for our leadership team! She helped us identify our negative voices in our heads, while getting in touch with our supportive selves! We all felt empowered by Linda’s talk and walked away with some great tools that truly supported creating success in our lives and our businesses!”

~ Donna Weiser
Executive National V.P.
Arbonne International


“After years of therapy, workshops and books, trying to move through a level of discomfort and disharmony around who I thought I was supposed to be in the world, I have finally reached a place of understanding myself like never before – in just one hour! All thanks to Linda Salazar and the wonderful insights she shared during her talk. I feel more freedom and peace than I could ever have dreamed of! Thank you, Linda, a million times over for the work you are doing.”

~ Caryn Richman

“Personal assistants to high-profile celebrities know all about the challenges of dealing with difficult people and so does Linda Salazar. She very adeptly shared with our group the insights and awareness she’s gained from over 25 years in the entertainment business.

She had us hooked from the opening moments of her powerful talk. These response was overwhelmingly positive. Not only did our members go home feeling enlightened, but they were armed with new tools for managing what once felt unmanageable. We’d have her back in a heartbeart!”

~ Mary Langford
Director of Marking & PR; The Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants

“The night Linda spoke at our women’s network gathering was wonderful! We talked and laughed and shared — and kept her there much later than she probably ever imagined, and she was a great sport about it. I know that our entire group felt much closer after that evening, and left with some wonderful tools, things to think about, and ways to work on our relationships. I would like to invite her back to speak to our group and would encourage all of our members who weren’t able to be with us that evening not to miss hearing her speak.”

~ Heather Buchman