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Someone recently asked me how I came up with the name Your Peace Is In Your Hands for my business. Very quickly it occurred to me the reason I created that name back in 2011 has morphed into something more.

My original business name in 2002 was Awaken The Genie Within, which some of you might remember. That worked for me until I was certified as a Scientific Hand Analyst in 2011 and incorporated this modality as a big piece of my coaching practice.

Your Peace Is In Your Hands came to me almost immediately once I understood how much the information in my hands brought me an enormous sense of understanding about myself. That ultimately gave me tremendous peace inside and I saw it was doing the same for others – and still does.

Then and Now

Fast forward to 2024 and Your Peace Is In Your Hands has evolved even more for me.

What I am continuously being reminded of by life’s experiences is that peace is absolutely an inside job. If my inner peace exists only when something external has aligned with my preference, then my peace will be forever fleeting.

That, I decided, wasn’t okay with me.

In spite of the hurts, sadness, disappointments, frustrations, fears, uncertainties and so many other difficult feelings that life throws at us, it doesn’t mean peace can’t still be felt by me.

In fact peace reminds me that both feelings can be true at the same time.

By allowing both to be true at the same time I am able to experience all my senses when they are telling me I’m falling and in great anguish knowing that peace is right there, just below the surface ready to rise.

Rising of Peace

In the midst of it all, there is an opportunity to lean into that peace allowing it to rise so I can experience the peace and difficult feeling right next to each other.

Through it all I hear peace say to me, “I’m right here with you while you go through this other feeling. And when you’re through it, you’ll experience me fully, once again.

To be able to bring peace to the surface more quickly I listen to it encouraging me to dive into the difficult feeling. To give myself permission to feel it and not stuff it away only to have it shove its way back up wanting to be acknowledged and dealt with.

Because the difficult feeling will not leave me until it is acknowledged.

A Work In Progress

Am I perfect at this?

Ha! Absolutely not!

But that’s not the goal. In fact, there is no goal here. There is only me doing life the best way I know how at any given moment.

That in and of itself brings me peace.

Being more connected to my peace has allowed me to not have to understand why something is happening. I can allow what is happening to just be without my mind going through mental gymnastics to figure it out.

My peace has shown me what needs to be revealed to me will be and what doesn’t won’t. Living in that space of trust I am always free.

I hope you come to embrace the truth that your peace is forever in your hands and can be counted on always.

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