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During my morning walk I came across these words written on the sidewalk.

As I stood there taking it in, tears came to my eyes.


Because in today’s world, filled with tremendous challenges and heartache for so many, I am reminded, once again, that love is always finding a way to express itself and reach out to us.

The question is, are we available to receive it or even notice it?

The person who took the time to share their love on the sidewalk may never know the impact it had on those who were fortunate enough to see it.

Prior to seeing these words, my mood was already quite happy and it still had an enormous impact on me. I thought about those who were having a difficult day and this could have been the one message that lifted them up for the entire day or longer. Something that might not have happened for them without this sidewalk of love.

As I hovered over these words I went into deeper contemplation resulting into this thought….

When we look beyond personalities and drop the ego, soul connection begins.

Thinking about soul to soul connections an acronym for the word soul came through.

Share Our Unified Love.

Soul to soul connections are the moments when we allow for something deeper to take place with another human. When we remember the truth of who we are.


We are unified by love and only love.

When we’re willing to drop into and be the love that lives in every single one of us on this planet, everything changes.

Personally and globally.

As Rumi states:

Those barriers can feel extremely justifiable.

But remember this, all those justifications are ego driven. The ego will do anything to survive, keep us separated, and knows full well love is its kryptonite.

When we release the ego and move into our soul our Higher mind can remind us that we are made in the image of love and that each person in our life is doing the best they know how.

They, like us, are often driven by their own egoic survival needs.

Please understand I’m not talking about condoning behavior that causes hurt or harm or is offensive. This is about the mindset we respond with in order to best handle the situation so it becomes the highest good for all concerned.

And sometimes that highest good may not be recognized by the other person, yet. So the person who is most sane in the moment gets to take on the responsibility of remembering that soul love wants what’s best for everyone involved and moves in that direction.

Because the ego loves to speak first, knowing it can grab hold of us quickly and stop the love from coming through, we need to remember to pause, breathe and connect to the love that we innately are.

From there we have an opportunity to respond and behave very differently. Whether we are with someone physically or not, matters not.

This is about setting free the energies of love within us to transform a love starved situation and feed it with some much needed soul food.

With Love From My Soul to Yours,

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