Secrets of the Heart Workshop

Discover how you can ease your emotional struggles, consistently get your needs met, and feel understood by the people in your life

If you are already familiar with scientific hand analysis, you know that your Heart Line reveals so much about your personality type, your natural communication style and the ways that suit you best for creating relationships that get your emotional needs met while giving you the freedom to be who you want to be.

To support you on your journey to having the relationships you want, I’ve put together a short, ninety-minute online teleclass that will give you the critical information you need to make key changes that begin transforming all your relationships.

I will teach you what you need to know to confidently begin taking your relationships in a better direction.

Keep reading to see what’s inside!

“Prior to doing Linda’s heart workshop I was sure that my marriage was over. Two hours later that was no longer true for me. Not only can my marriage survive but it can actually thrive, now that I am armed with the information that I hold in my hands – literally and figuratively!
The insight I gained about myself, my husband and other people in my life was nothing short of amazing. The heart line contains information that is so accurate, so detailed, so profound that every person who wants to know their heart’s truth and have the best relationships possible in all areas of their life needs to do Linda’s heart class! This is life changing – really!”
– Mary Loughlin

This 90 minute teleclass will help you immediately understand what key changes will
transform your relationships.

Your Heart Line is your own personal “driving force” – the key to understanding your unique emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical needs (and how to make sure those needs are met every day).

As you discover the full story of your own Heart Line and put what you learn into practice, you’ll …

  • Communicate your needs more effectively to others (so you can get them met more often!)
  • Learn how to balance your own emotional style so you’re feeling happy and fulfilled more consistently
  • Feel more confident standing up for your needs, even when others are challenging them
  • Experience authentic relationships that’s in line with what truly feels right for you
  • Gain courage with relationship decisions
  • Begin to be loved and treated in the way that you deserve
  • Finally understand what drives the emotional behavior of people in your life.

So much of your life gets better the moment you discover “what kind of person you were made to be” based on what your Heart Line reveals about you.

In this teleclass, you’ll learn all the details about the four different Heart Line types, and find out which one you are (and who knows – you may be more than one!).

You’ll learn how moving from the “student path” to the “master path” will change everything about your life …

If you’re struggling with relationship decisions and getting your core emotional needs met on a consistent basis, I have good news: There’s nothing wrong with YOU. What you’re experiencing is 100{b39edc648ae766a937a640b0b7ac4e5f430dca29bf576786a3f20c56e0594fae} normal and it’s just a sign that you’re currently on the “student path” or taking on the emotional style of another Heart Line that isn’t innately yours.

Yes this is quite common!

When you’re stuck on that “student path” or behaving as the wrong Heart Line,  you’re making choices that seem like the right ones … but because they don’t match your Heart Line type, they end up leaving you feeling emotionally unfulfilled most days of the week.

You’ll learn about the “master path” – a simple way to tell what behaviors and approaches to life fit perfectly with your Heart Line type – and how those can help you begin to build the relationships you’ve been wanting. These subtle changes change everything!

This teleclass is personalized
just for you – here’s how it happens:

After you sign up for the teleclass, all you have to do is take an individual picture of each hand (like the one below) with your phone and email them to me at

This way I can take a look at your Heart Line and know ahead of time what your Heart Line type is, enabling me to give you specific guidance during the teleclass.

When: Sunday, November 13th
4pm – 5:30pm PST

Where: On a computer anywhere you desire

Please call or email with any questions:


I look forward to meeting you in the class – and telling you what your Heart Line reveals about your innate emotional style!

In Peace,


Certified Hand Analyst

P.S. – Here’s what other people have said after learning about their Heart Line and what it’s done for them!

“When Linda explained to me that I had a couple of different heart lines in my hands and how they impacted my life and relationships I burst out laughing. She hit the nail on the head! The emotional challenges I have had in certain relationships have always been a major issue for me and now I understand exactly why.

Receiving the in depth information about my emotional style has enabled me to make wonderful improvement in all my relationships. I’m so much better at creating time and space for myself, guilt free – something that was a big challenge for me. I no longer feel the need to nurture everyone else before myself and because of this change I’m living more authentically and I’m happier in my life and with the people closest to me.

Linda is amazingly passionate about her work and sharing it with you. You will be amazed by what you can learn about yourself and the impact it will have on your relationships. Do the workshop! You won’t regret it!”

– Shirley Jordan

“After years of therapy, workshops and books, trying to move through a level of discomfort and disharmony around who I thought I was supposed to be in the world, I have finally reached a place of understanding myself like never before! All thanks to Linda Salazar and her wonderful insights through scientific hand analysis. Knowing my heart type and so many other things my hands revealed has brought me more freedom and peace than I could ever have dreamed of!

Thank you, Linda, a million times over for the work you are doing through the hands!”

– Caryn Richman

“After learning what my heart line says about my emotional and communication style, I have found it so much more easy to express myself with others more effectively and feel heard! It’s made a huge difference with how I communicate with my husband because I now understand his way of expressing himself is different than mine and we can appreciate and honor each other for the way we are, naturally!”

– Kimberly Manning

“Participating in Linda’s Secrets of the Heart workshop is just what I needed for my emotional well-being. First, Linda’s heart is so in it that she was able to speak intimately with each of us who were present. I had immediate takeaways in greater understanding of my own emotional style. Since the workshop I am growing more appreciative of the ways of my heart, how I have gotten in my own way, and what I need emotionally to thrive in relationships and in my life. I also have a greater understanding of my partner. And I am already thinking differently in my work with clients.

I recommend Linda’s workshop and any other hand analysis work without a single reservation!”

– Reggie Odom