Forever Hold Your Peace

Timeless wisdom for greater love, serenity, and personal power

By Linda Salazar
Forever Hold Your Peace Book

When your life has THIS, it has everything…

A life with strong and healthy personal and professional relationship is a life worth living.

Enter Forever Hold Your Peace, a collection of soul-awakening quotes written by Linda Salazar.
No new “program” or “system” to learn, just nuggetized wisdom you can put to work right now to dramatically elevate the quality and strength of your most important human connections.

In Forever Hold Your Peace, you’ll learn how to:

  • Be more present, grounded and inspired in life
  • Love and forgive yourself more easily
  • Be more compassionate and understanding of others
  • Shift your most difficult relationships of others
  • Gain new insights and perspectives that stretch your mind

Quotes can be wonderful tools–and touchstones–on your path to spiritual growth and inner peace. Use Forever Hold Your Peace to make that journey richer, more satisfying and more fully “connected”!