52 Tips for a Magical Marriage After Your Child is Born

52tipsI know that time is a premium for new parents and the idea of reading a book now may just have you laughing out loud!

Which is exactly why I created this wonderful little booklet; 52 Tips for a Magical Marriage After Your Child is Born. A quick and easy read that you can open up daily to get your dose of support and inspiration to help you and your partner stay connected and in love as you maneuver through the changes in your relationship since becoming parents.




“Wow! We are so pleased that we came across a copy of Linda’s booklet, 52 Tips for a Magical Marriage After Your Child is Born. With two young children we never get a chance to read anymore but Linda’s booklet is so easy to read that it only took us a very short time to get through it. We decided to implement many of her tips and it’s amazing how this little booklet is making such a huge impact on our relationship.

Thank you, Linda, for giving us this wonderful treasure!”

Jennifer and Evan Katsouridis

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“Linda’s 52 Tips for a Magical Marriage After Your Child is Born is powerful! Not only is it a quick read but it’s filled with wonderful tips that empowers parents to create connected and loving families by first connecting with each other. I recommend Linda’s work to anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship or reconnect in any way since becoming parents!”

Tara Paterson

Don’t let the size fool you. This booklet is filled with practical and easily-implemented tips to keep you and your partner:

  • Communicating from your heart.
  • Experiencing greater patience with each other.
  • Expressing appreciation more regularly.
  • Creating magical moments quickly.
  • Dating more often.
  • Reviving your sex life.

And so much more!

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“I loved this booklet! It was so helpful for new and experienced parents – reminding them what to be grateful for and to not let the stress take over their lives. It helped slow me down, be ore aware of how I communicate and be more compassionate to my husband. The tips are simple, positive and loving. I’m going to keep them posted in a place that reminds me to look at them each day and utilize them! Hospitals should include this booklet in their gift bag for new parents and baby stores should have it available to purchase!”

Michelle Good


“Welcoming a new baby into your home is a magical time that calls for adjustments in your relationship. Linda has captured some excellent easy-to-follow tips to guide couples through this transition. As Doulas, our focus includes the health of the family as well as mother and baby. Following Linda’s suggestions can ensure a stronger family unit moving into the future.”

Doulas of the SouthBay – CA


“Linda’s tips booklet offers practical wisdom and relief to couples at a time of stress. Her booklet has been a wonderful reminder to my husband and me to take time to breathe and look deeply at each other, keeping in the forefront of our minds we are on the same team which brings us great comfort. The poignant tips helps us rest a bit, inhale the wisdom that is already in us, and remember to be present and make positive choices during the life changing experience of being parents.”

Carol Melville