101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life: Volume 2

101waysDavid Riklan, President and founder of Self-Growth.com has done a remarkable job of collecting and compiling the stories for this book. Read on to see an excerpt from his introduction in the book, to learn more.

“In 101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life: Volume 2 we have once again compiled an amazing collection of 101 great chapters, all written by unique experts in self-improvement. Each author has a distinct voice and a method of teaching that is all his or her own. You may know many of the experts already. Others you may be reading for the first time. But there’s one common thread that ties all of these teachers together – they’re all phenomenal educators who know how to help people improve their lives.


What You Can Learn From This Book:

  • You can find a satisfying career.
  • You can conquer negativity.
  • You can improve your health naturally.
  • You can get out of debt.
  • You can age with style.

In short you can do a lot of things and this book will show you how. These 101 articles are written on a wide range of topics: humor, fate, self-esteem, love and relationships, and dozens of others. There’s something in here for everyone.”
David Riklan

To be invited to participate in this book with so many top experts in the personal development field is truly an honor. I absolutely believe you will find the information enlightening, uplifting and full of ideas that can propel you to your next level in life!